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  • Jun
    Treatment of Water Recycling - An Important Way to Protect the Environment
    With the continuous expansion of the scale of the city, while the number of discharged sewage is also increasing. Water quality deterioration and water pollution are affecting the sustainable use of water resources. Water reuse is putting the sewage into a relatively simple technical treatment, and
  • Jun
    Adsorption Water Treatment Technology
    As a common technology of water treatment, adsorption technology has broad application prospects. Among them, the physical adsorption is mainly used in conventional sewage treatment, sewage depth regeneration treatment, industrial waste water treatment, remove the chroma, sniffing and so on. Electri
  • Jun
    Application After Sewage Treatment
    (1) Reuse of industrial water. The treated waster water can be used for a variety of industrial enterprises that do not need to meet the drinking water quality requirements. All kinds of cooling water, boiler water, water for production and processing, cleaning and auxiliary water etc., can use trea
  • Jun
    Precautions for using fungicides
    1. Configure the appropriate concentration: When spraying with a bactericide, it is necessary to dope or dilute the medicament with water to an appropriate concentration. The use of different fungicides have their own special requirements. When setting the concentration, be sure to follow the instru
  • Jun
    Application Status of Fungicide
    Fungicides can be divided into inorganic fungicides (such as chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite) and organic fungicides (such as chlorophenols, quaternary ammonium salts) according to chemical composition; according to the mechanism of killing agents can be divided into oxidized fungicide (chlori
  • Jun
    The Synthesis of Etidronic Acid
    Etidronic Acid, referred to as HEDPA, structural formula: (H2PO3) 2C (OH) CH3. Pure white crystal, soluble in water and methanol, its melting point is 198-199 ℃. HEDPA is usually used as complexing agent, water stabilizer, masking agent, extractant, etc., widely used in circulating cooling water, bo
  • Jun
    Sewage Treatment
    Sewage source1. Domestic Sewage. Domestic sewage is the water that humans have used in their daily lives and are polluted by living waste. Domestic sewage generally does not contain toxic substances. But it has suitable conditions for microbial reproduction, containing a large number of pathogens, f
  • Jun
    Groundwater treatment of foundation construction
    There are many feasible methods to deal with groundwater. From the precipitation method, the total can be divided into water and drainage law two major categories. Water-stop method, that is, through effective means, forming water seal curtain around foundation pit, to stop the underground water fro
  • Jun
    Prospects of Chemical Processes for Wastewater Treatment
    Chemical technology has an important role in the waste water treatment, and has made great progress in the domestic chemical waste water treatment. In addition to the strong support of our country for the construction of ecological civilization, the improvement of waste water treatment technology, a
  • May
    Improvement and Innovation of Oilfield Sewage Treatment Technology
    Because of the difference between the purpose of production and the quality of water, the treatment methods are also different. Although there are many methods to treat the oil field sewage, each treatment method has its limitations. At present, there are three kinds of treatment methods, including
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