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Adsorption Water Treatment Technology

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As a common technology of water treatment, adsorption technology has broad application prospects. Among them, the physical adsorption is mainly used in conventional sewage treatment, sewage depth regeneration treatment, industrial waste water treatment, remove the chroma, sniffing and so on. Electric-adsorption is mainly used to remove ions from waste water, so it is mainly used to desalt, sea water desalination, remove heavy metal and other toxic and so on. Biological adsorption as a new technology, has a broad prospect in the field of heavy metal removal and recovery.

Physical adsorption is a kind of common adsorption, which has many kinds of adsorption materials and wide range of applications, one of the most typical physical adsorption is activated carbon adsorption. In view of the good adsorption performance of activated carbon, it has a good effect on the removal of various pollutants in sewage. Activated carbon adsorption is often used as an emergency treatment process. When lakes and rivers are seriously polluted by poisonous and harmful substances, usually, the method of adding activated carbon is used as emergency treatment measures.

Electric-adsorption is a new type of water treatment method developed in recent years. The charged particles in the solution are adsorbed on the surface of the electrode by applying a voltage or current, when the electrode is saturated, the electrode can be regenerated by applying reverse electric field. It has the characteristics of low operating cost, wide application range, convenient and reliable operation, almost no maintenance and no secondary emissions that cause environmental pollution.

The biological adsorbent is a kind of biomass and derivative which can adsorb and separate heavy metal from heavy metal waste water. It was first used in the separation of heavy metals and other inorganic compounds in aqueous solution. Recently, it has also been used for dyes, insecticides and other bio-refractory, and the separation and enrichment of toxic organic. At present, it has many advantages, such as high efficiency, low cost, fast adsorption, easy storage and easy separation of heavy metal recovery, which has attracted wide attention from domestic and foreign researchers.

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