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Improvement and Innovation of Oilfield Sewage Treatment Technology

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-05-31      Origin: Site

Because of the difference between the purpose of production and the quality of water, the treatment methods are also different. Although there are many methods to treat the oil field sewage, each treatment method has its limitations. At present, there are three kinds of treatment methods, including chemical method, physical method and biological method. Now, the oil field sewage treatment technology through further improvement, combination and innovation, has new approaches.

1.At present, the chemical method is one of the processing methods often used to. With the increase of the amount of sewage in the field, the dosage of the agent increases continuously. As a result, the cost of oil field sewage treatment is increased, and likely to cause secondary pollution. Therefore, it is one of the trends in the future to research and develop a kind of chemical agent which has no pollution and good processing capacity.

2. Develop and research chemicals of efficient demulsification capacity. Use a variety of types of coalescence materials to treat oilfields sewage. So that the coalescence performance is improved, is the future research direction of coarsening method.

3. Biological treatment has the advantages of natural purification, stable water quality, convenient operation, low cost and easy management, often used in the area which is sparsely populated and in the relative shortage of water resources. Therefore, in the process of sewage treatment, it is the key to the biological treatment to develop the bacteria which have strong ability to use and survive, and can degrade most of the organic matter efficiently.

4. Membrane separation to treat oil field sewage is one of the most promising treatment methods in the future, and the treated water quality can meet the standard of effluent quality. Therefore, it is a priority that develop the materials of anti-pollution, good membrane performance, membrane flux. If the technology of crude and membrane are combined with each other, the material with the property of demulsification can be developed. Not only to reduce the current multi cell processing mode, but also to solve many problems caused by membrane fouling.

5. As the hydrocyclone has the characteristics of high efficiency, small size and covering a small area. The hydrocyclone technology combined with flotation technology and cyclone technology is worth exploring.

On the whole, the treatment of oil field sewage will develop in the direction of high efficiency, low cost, low pollution and easy operation. The new treatment methods and processes are developed on the basis of the combination of traditional membrane treatment, biological treatment and traditional methods.

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