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  • Nov
    Application Of Oilfield Germicide
    In the oilfield water system, there are various microorganisms, many microorganisms cause great inconvenience and harm to the production and development of the petroleum industry. Among them, the presence of sulfate-reducing bacteria is the most serious. The decomposition products of hydrogen sulfid
  • Oct
    Corrosion Inhibitor For Water Treatment
    Water is the basis of human survival and the lifeblood of industrial production. With the growth of population and the expansion of economic activities, the demand for industrial water increases rapidly, and the contradiction between supply and demand of water resources becomes more and more tense.
  • Sep
    Principles of wastewater treatment
    Due to the large amount of industrial waste water, its complex components, the difficulty to deal with, degrade and purify, and it will make a great impact on the environment,when we carry on the industrial production, we should also consider how to control the generation of waste water and strength
  • Sep
    The Introduction of HPAA
    The product is brown liquid, the density of: 1.45-1.55 (20 ℃/ cm3), the characteristics of the product have a few points:1.Corrosive, the staff should be protected, to avoid ingestion or contact with the body. Workplace should have good ventilation.2.Avoid contact with eye and skin, once contacted,
  • Aug
    Application of Chelating Dispersant in Dyeing and Finishing Process
    Chelating dispersant is one of the most popular auxiliaries in dyeing and finishing process. Its function has been recognized by dyeing and finishing industry.Used in water treatment, chelating dispersant can soften water quality; Adding chelating dispersing agent in enzyme desizing can prevent the
  • Aug
    The main classification of scale inhibitors
    The use of organic phosphonic acids, low molecular weight acrylic polymers and copolymers is a major breakthrough in the control of inorganic scale inhibition. Organic polyphosphonic acid is both a kind of cathode type corrosion inhibitor and non-chemical equivalent scale inhibitor. It has obvious d
  • Aug
    The Development Countermeasures of City Sewage Treatment
    1.Industrial Wastewater And City Sewage TreatmentThe relationship between industrial wastewater and urban sewage treatment can be a reasonable solution, related to how to play an investment benefit, that can not make effective funds for better control of water pollution. Most people have recognized
  • Jul
    Industrial Boiler Water Treatment Technology And Application Of Energy Saving Technology
    Industrial boiler water treatment is directly related to the safety and economic operation of the boiler. The proper and reasonable water treatment can avoid the fouling and corrosion of the boiler, prolong the service life of the boiler, reduce the energy consumption and improve the economic effici
  • Jul
    Current Status Of Boiler Water Treatment
    1, The utilization rate of water treatment equipment is very low, and the water quality has not been tested extensively.Boiler water treatment equipment utilization rate is low, most of the boiler is not equipped with water treatment equipment, or configuration, but the utilization rate is not high.
  • Jul
    Wet Maintenance and Dry Maintenance of the Disabled Boiler
    When the boiler is permanently deactivated, people should pay great attention to the furnace outside the anti-corrosion maintenance issues. First, after the boiler cooling down, you must completely remove the fouling of the heating surface and the ash in the upper part and under part of the furnace.
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