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  • May
    Optimization of Circulating Water System Management in Thermal Power Plant

    Based on the universal application of circulating water system in thermal power plant, a series of optimization measures should be adopted to ensure the sustainable development of the circulating water system.In traditional water treatment of thermal power plant, because of the heat exchange, the pr

  • May
    New Water-saving and Environmental Protection Water Treatment Technology

    Because of the increasing importance of energy conservation and environmental protection, the new water treatment technology continues to develop. The current polymer LHE multifunctional water stabilizer technology is more suitable for the needs of sustainable development, more popular with enterpri

  • May
    Application of Low Molecular Weight Sodium Polyacrylate

    1. DispersantSodium polyacrylate with low molecular weight can be adsorbed on the surface of colloidal particles. Because of the large number of carboxyl in the molecule, it will carry a negative charge after ionized, and then the electrostatic repulsion between particles will increase, so that part

  • May
    Protection Countermeasures of Oilfield Water Injection

    1.Improve the surrounding environment of oil and gas pipelines. Usually, the corrosion of the pipeline occurs because of the soil moisture. So it is necessary to reduce the wetness of the soil and reduce the corrosive. The way is to avoid the drainage of the soil, laying tile pavement, making the so

  • May
    Recommendations for the development of scale inhibitors

    1.We need to strengthen the research of scale inhibition mechanism for providing theoretical guidance for the development of scale inhibitors. In the development of existing scale inhibitors, the compound formula has a better scale and corrosion inhibition performance than a single agent. It can com

  • May
    The significance of recycling power plant water waste heat

    At present, there is a centralized heating in large and medium-sized cities in China and the heat can not meet the rapidly increasing demand. But investment of new large-scale heat source is high and the construction of the period is long. by the city's environmental capacity of the strong constrain

  • May
    Summary of Softening Water Pharmacy for Industrial Circulating Water

    Industrial water treatment agents are generally scale inhibitors and polyacrylamides. Organic polyphosphonate is the largest and most widely used water treatment agent at home and abroad. It has good chemical stability, high temperature resistance and with a corrosion effect.The industrial in China

  • May
    Analysis of the use of industrial water treatment

    Soft water treatment agent in industrial water treatment agent can reduce the hardness of raw water and reduce the precipitation of raw water after heat treatment. Scale will affect the normal operation of equipment and reduce the efficiency of equipment handling.Softened water has been widely promo

  • May
    Water Treatment Agents and Sustainable Development

    1.Water treatment agent and saving water. Seizing the more concentrated use of industrial water is the first to save water. In industrial water, the proportion of cooling water is the largest. It is accounting for about 60% -70%. So saving the cooling water has become the most urgent task of ind

  • May
    The lack of sewage treatment technology and process

    There are two reasons lead to the lack of sewage treatment technology and process:1) The misconceptions in the selection of sewage treatment process. At present, there are serious copycat phenomenon that some regions and cities in terms of the choice of wastewater treatment process. Most units or

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