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Application After Sewage Treatment

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(1) Reuse of industrial water. The treated waster water can be used for a variety of industrial enterprises that do not need to meet the drinking water quality requirements. All kinds of cooling water, boiler water, water for production and processing, cleaning and auxiliary water etc., can use treated sewage. The industries that can use treated sewage including: commercial car wash, paper mills, mines, oil refineries, power plants, road construction enterprises, tourist spots, wineries, as well as concrete, textiles, metal and paint production plant.

(2) Reuse of non-drinking water for residents and communities. For residents, the reuse of sewage can be used for flushing toilets, washing cars, watering the garden. From the community point of view, the use of non-drinking water for recycling is also included: outdoor irrigation and water used in various places of entertainment. An effective way to provide non-potable water is to establish a quality water supply system.

The reasons for the increasing emphasis on waste water reuse are mainly included: With the increase of population and the increase of water consumption, the pressure on the existing water resources is increasing; People are beginning to realize that waste water reuse is a very reliable source of water; Water and waste water treatment industries are increasingly aware of the economic and environmental benefits of waste water reuse; People are increasingly aware of the environmental impacts associated with excessive water use.

Water treatment technology is widely used in sewage treatment, which makes us realize that sewage is a stable and reliable, renewable water resources. Recycling of sewage is an effective measure to solve the shortage of water resources, and is the key to achieve a virtuous cycle of water resources. Therefore, in urban life and industrial water, we should pay attention to the priority of throttling, pollution control, multi-channel development of water resources sustainable development strategy.

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