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Treatment of Water Recycling - An Important Way to Protect the Environment

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With the continuous expansion of the scale of the city, while the number of discharged sewage is also increasing. Water quality deterioration and water pollution are affecting the sustainable use of water resources. Water reuse is putting the sewage into a relatively simple technical treatment, and then as non-potable water used in life. For the lack of fresh water resources and water shortage is seriously inadequate city, the water reuse system is to alleviate the lack of water resources and prevent the water pollution. It is an important way to protect the environment.

The main way to reuse water:

  1. Reuse to agriculture:

Wastewater reuse is often the preferred target for agricultural irrigation. There are two reasons for this: First, the amount of water required for agricultural irrigation is large. Second, sewage irrigation is good for agriculture and sewage treatment. It can improve water quality through land treatment.

  2.Reuse to industry:

Recycling of water reuse object should be a large amount of reuse and low requirements for processing industry. Such as indirect cooling water, rinse and so on.

  3.Reuse to life for mixed use:

Urban sewage reuse in the consumption of mixed water can not only reduce urban sewage discharge, but also save resources and conducive to environmental protection.

  4.Reuse for groundwater recharge:

Recycling of reclaimed water through soils into the underground aquifer is called groundwater recharge. The purpose is to replenish groundwater and prevent seawater intrusion. Also preventing ground subsidence caused by excessive exploitation of groundwater.

  5.As drinking water source:

Reuse should pay attention to use indirect drinking method. And the new water and reservoir water mixed to compensate for the reverse osmosis process to remove trace elements to ensure a higher safety.

  6.Reuse to the recreational landscape water:

For direct access to recreational water, reclaimed water should not contain toxic, irritating substances and pathogenic microorganisms. Usually, the reclaimed water is required to be filtered and fully sterilized before being used as recreational water.

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