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Precautions for using fungicides

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1. Configure the appropriate concentration: 

When spraying with a bactericide, it is necessary to dope or dilute the medicament with water to an appropriate concentration. The use of different fungicides(biocide) have their own special requirements. When setting the concentration, be sure to follow the instructions (operation instructions), can not be arbitrarily increased or reduced. If the concentration is too high can easily cause phytotoxicity, and the concentration is too low to reach the effect of drug control disease. 

2. Select the right quasi-spraying period: 

Generally, the time of spraying the fungicide too late or too early will affect the control effect. Early spraying time not only cause waste, but also reduce the control effect. Or too late, a large number of pathogens will invade the host or cause harm. Usually fungicides should be used in the pre-onset or early onset of the disease.

3. Master the time of medication: 

The number of times the spraying of the fungicide is mainly determined according to the length of the agent's residual period and the meteorological conditions. Generally every 10-15 days spray time, a total of spray 2-3 times. In case of special circumstances, such as after the application of rain, should be promptly spray one more time.

4. Improve drug efficacy:

The spraying effect of the fungicide includes the amount of medication and the time of spraying. The number of drugs should be appropriate, excessive medication will increase the cost, and easily lead to injury. And too little medication can not achieve the purpose of medication. To spray plant stem and leaves on the front and back, and strive to do not leak spray. Spray time should avoid the high temperature period, to determine the efficacy of adequate absorption time.

5. Be careful about the mixture of drugs:

Many fungicides are alkaline pesticides, it can not be mixed with pesticides for it will lose it effect. There are some fungicides such as carbendazim, Beauveria bassiana and so can not be mixed with Bordeaux liquid, lime sulfur mixture, thiophanate and other fungicides. Of course, not all fungicides can not be mixed with other pesticides, a small number of fungicides and pesticides can also play a synergistic effect after mixing. Therefore, when mix the pesticide, people must be a comprehensive understanding of the physical and chemical properties of pesticides.   


6. Attention to avoid drug resistance:

The application of fungicides also has crop resistance problems. Using a single agent in a long term, it will lead to pathogen resistance. Even if repeat medication, it won’t have a good effect, or even worse. In order to overcome the resistance of the disease, do a good job of using different types of agents alternately on the basis of scientific selection of pesticides. It is strictly forbidden to use a single pesticide for a long time.

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