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Prospects of Chemical Processes for Wastewater Treatment

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-06-01      Origin: Site

   Chemical technology has an important role in the waste water treatment, and has made great progress in the domestic chemical waste water treatment. In addition to the strong support of our country for the construction of ecological civilization, the improvement of waste water treatment technology, and the development of the ability of chemical research, all these factors provide strong support for chemical technology used in waste water treatment. Facing the arrival of the post-industrial era, according to the status quo of China's economic transition period analysis, China's current industrial production and other services are in the extensive economic growth mode, which accelerates the transformation of economic growth. It is also an important guarantee for waste water treatment. Wastewater treatment will encourage more and more challenges. With the improvement of living and consumption levels, the innovation of industrial technology, the application of chemical products in life is becoming more and more popular. High-tech chemical products, will inevitably bring high-tech pollutants. This also presents a problem for wastewater treatment, which requires chemical workers to improve their skills, to solve pollution in the source of production, and bring the wastewater treatment technology to a new level. The government should play a macro guiding role, provide policy and financial support for the use of chemical technology to the wastewater treatment. Improve the construction of the application of chemical discipline in the university. Develop the students become diversified talents with the perfect combination of theory and practice. Students themselves should pay more attention to real problems in the learning process. While studying the professional knowledge, do not relax on the practical ability to enhance.

    In short, chemical process has a unique role in the wastewater treatment. It can make prevention and treatment to the pollution of waste water from its root causes. And has the ease of operation, can reduce the amount of engineering, and save costs. The application of chemical processes in wastewater treatment will be one of the focuses of academic research.

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