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Groundwater treatment of foundation construction

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There are many feasible methods to deal with groundwater. From the precipitation method, the total can be divided into water and drainage law two major categories. Water-stop method, that is, through effective means, forming water seal curtain around foundation pit, to stop the underground water from the foundation pit, such as open caisson method, grouting method, underground continuous wall, etc.. Drainage method is to remove the surface water and groundwater from the foundation pit, such as ditch drainage, well point dewatering and so on.

Water-stop method is relatively high cost and the construction is more difficult. Well point dewatering is simple construction and easy to master. It is a kind of effective modern construction method, has been widely used.

Well point dewatering method, which is setting well ppint pipe around the foundation pit of the proposed project, configuring a certain pumping equipment, constantly draining of groundwater. So that the groundwater within the foundation pit down to the design depth. The well point dewatering method is suitable for foundation pit with different geometrical shapes. There is a role to overcome the flow of sand and stabilize the slope. As earth is dry in the foundation pit, it is beneficial to mechanical construction, which can shorten the construction period, and ensure the quality and safety of the project.

At present, there are some common methods of well point precipitation in this area, such as light well point, injection well point, electroosmotic well point. The well point dewatering method has the following advantages: Easy to operate, easy to master; Strong adaptability, can be used for different geometric shapes of the pit; After drainage, the soil is dry, which is convenient for mechanical construction and operation of the following working procedure; Under the action of the well point, the soil consolidation is strengthened, the soil strength is increased and the slope stability is improved; The underground water is filtered through the water pipe, which prevents the harm of flowing sand; Save support materials, reduce earthwork, etc..

It is generally believed that the excavation of the foundation pit must have the following necessary conditions: First of all, to maintain the dry state of foundation pit, to create conducive to the construction of the environment; The second is to ensure the stability of the slope, so that safety construction, if neglect these necessary conditions, the consequences are serious. Therefore, it should pay attention to the treatment of ground water in the foundation pit construction.

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