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  • Jul
    Principle of Waterborne Coating Dispersant

    Most of the dispersant achieve the purpose of dispersing the color filler through the process of wetting, grinding and dispersion, coupling and stable packing. However, in the water-based paint, due to the reason of cost controlling , cannot use much more expensive dispersant. Most of the products c

  • Jul
    The Main Harm To Boiler By Poor Water Quality

    Deposit: The thermal conductivity of scale is very poor, and its thermal conductivity is only about 1% of the steel plate of boiler. Due to the serious impact of the heat conduction of the boiler, it must rely on the furnace temperature to ensure evaporation. The amount of coal and the amount of bla

  • Jul
    The treatment of industrial circulating water

    1.Physical way: Membrane treatment: This method is mainly through the use of special film for the full use of recycled water in the specified ingredients for effective selective. In this treatment method also includes two other treatment methods, respectively, nanofiltration treatment and reverse

  • Jul
    Classification and use of water treatment chemicals

    Performance characteristics of Flocculant:The flocculant’s formula is +CH2-CHn. It belongs to the linear polymer and the molecular weight is between 400 to 20 million. Flocculant can be processed from the city of domestic sewage separation of flocculation, degradation of the efficient combination of

  • Jul
    Chemical Methods of Industrial Circulating Water Treatment

    Chemical methods for industrial circulating water treatment are mainly through the killing agent, scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor and composite water treatment agent to complete the industrial drainage cooling treatment. It can significantly improve the recycling of recycled water, inhibit corr

  • Jul
    The mechanism of industrial circulating water treatment

    1.AntiscaleThere are many slightly soluble salt substances in the water. These substances will continue after the heat deposition and eventually forming the material for the scale. Scale is the most common substance in industrial circulating water and often leading to serious fouling. Therefore, eff

  • Jul
    Research Progress of Multifunctional Water Treatment Agents

    Water treatment agent is mainly used for scale inhibition, corrosion inhibition, flocculation, sterilization, etc., to reduce the water pipes and other metal equipment corrosion, to remove the suspended solids and harmful substances, deodorant decolorization, softening and stable water quality. The

  • Jul
    Physical method of industrial circulating water treatment

    At present, the chemical method is still the common method of industrial circulating cooling water treatment in China. However, because of its corrosive and toxic, in the use of the scope and object have a certain limit. Therefore, in some cases, it should choose the physical method. The mature ways

  • Jul
    Discussion on Optimization of Circulating Water System Management in Thermal Power Plant(2)

    1.Technical Scheme of Circulating Water Treatment in Thermal Power Plant: In the new period, the demand for energy resources continued to increase. The thermal power plants became the main places of energy production and made great contributions to the supply of social energy. As the thermal powe

  • Jun
    Discussion on Optimization of Circulating Water System Management in Thermal Power Plant(1)

    1.Problems of Thermal Power Plant Circulating Water System:A thermal power plant has three generating units, respectively, 25MW, 25MW, 50MW, while connected with the fish pond. There are more serious corrosion problems and biological slime problems. Because of the corrosion problems, it caused conde

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