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Current Status Of Boiler Water Treatment

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1, The utilization rate of water treatment equipment is very low, and the water quality has not been tested extensively.

Boiler water treatment equipment utilization rate is low, most of the boiler is not equipped with water treatment equipment, or configuration, but the utilization rate is not high. And, most units are not corresponding to allocation of water quality testing, it is often difficult to determine whether the boiler water conform to the national standard or the operation of the water treatment equipment is normal. The water treatment equipment in the resin pollution and loss failed to take appropriate reasonable measures, resulting in lower water quality pass rate.

2, Lack of knowledge of water treatment and blindness of water treatment work is high.

Boiler water treatment can not do well, mainly depends on whether the unit has boiler water treatment conditions, as well as boiler water treatment workers' overall quality level. Some of the boiler use unit of the boiler water treatment work is not enough attention, the enterprise safety management measures are also very imperfect, the boiler water has not been treated directly to the boiler interior use, it is easy to cause erosion of the boiler, and buried safety risks. The current status is that many units of water treatment work is carried out by the division workers, they lack professional knowledge of water treatment, water treatment equipment, performance, usage, dosage, etc., there is no professional knowledge of the guidance Water treatment, not only the effect is not obvious, and may even be worse.

3, The condensing water recovery rate of steam boiler is low.

Many units in the process of using the boiler do not deal with the corresponding water, but put a certain amount of scale inhibitor, and the use of the amount and methods are also lack of normative, resulting in poor anti-scaling effect, boiler fouling is still very serious, need to be regularly cleaned up.

4, The phenomenon of scale removal instead of scale prevention is serious.

Boiler condensate has the heat up from 20% to 30% of the total heat of steam. Recovering the heat of condensed water and utilizing it can not only increase the feed water temperature of boiler, make full use of energy, but also reduce the water supply of boiler. It is an effective way to raise the thermal efficiency of boiler. Softened water for the supply of water boiler condensate due to CO2 containing causes low pH value, serious corrosion of backwater system, high iron content of condensate, water quality red and muddy. If the water enters the boiler, it will not only lead to fouling of pig iron on the heating surface, but also lead to the electrochemical corrosion of the heater tube.

Nowadays, more and more attention has been paid to energy saving and waste reduction, and the importance of boiler water treatment has become more and more prominent. This requires us to pay attention to water treatment, water treatment and popularization of knowledge, improve the level of water treatment, grasp every link of good water treatment work, so as to prolong the service life of the boiler, to ensure the safety of boiler and energy saving operation.

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