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Corrosion Inhibitor For Water Treatment

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Water is the basis of human survival and the lifeblood of industrial production. With the growth of population and the expansion of economic activities, the demand for industrial water increases rapidly, and the contradiction between supply and demand of water resources becomes more and more tense. The crisis of water resources and water pollution have become a growing concern in the world.

In urban water use, industrial water accounts for about 80%, and the cooling water of industrial water accounts for more than 2/3, thus saving consumption of cooling water is the primary task of saving water. The main way to save water is to recycle the cooling water, so that the concentration of water will increase. The ensuing problems are formation of scale, corrosion of equipment, breeding of microorganisms and so on. Therefore, one of the most important agents used in the treatment of circulating cooling water is corrosion inhibitor.

Definition of Corrosion Inhibitors for Water Treatment:

It is chemicals or compounds that prevent or slow down the corrosion of materials when they are present in aqueous solutions of appropriate concentration and form, therefore, inhibitors can also be referred to as corrosion inhibitors.

Its dosage is very small (0.1% ~ 1%), but the effect is remarkable. This method of protecting metals is called corrosion inhibitor protection. The corrosion inhibitor used in industrial circulating cooling water system should be characterized by high efficiency, low toxicity, low dosage, convenient operation moderate price and so on.

Classification of Corrosion Inhibitors for Water Treatment:

According to the composition and properties of the compounds, the inhibitors can be divided into inorganic inhibitors, organic inhibitors and polymerization inhibitors;

According to the type of electrode reaction, the electrode reaction type is divided into anodic corrosion inhibitor, cathodic corrosion inhibitor and bipolar corrosion inhibitor;

According to the film forming mechanism of the protective film formed by the inhibitor on the metal surface, the inhibitor can be divided into the oxide film type, the precipitation film type and the adsorption film type inhibitor.

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