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The Introduction of HPAA

Views: 18     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-09-08      Origin: Site

The product is brown liquid, the density of: 1.45-1.55 (20 ℃/ cm3), the characteristics of the product have a few points:

  1. Corrosive, the staff should be protected, to avoid ingestion or contact with the body. Workplace should have good ventilation.

  2.Avoid contact with eye and skin, once contacted, flush with water. The goods is difficult to biodegradation, should pay attention to the impact of water. 

The application of HPAA is as follows:

  1. Used as a corrosion inhibitor.

HPAA has excellent corrosion resistance, especially used in low hardness, low alkalinity, strong corrosive water quality, showing a strong corrosion inhibition. HPAA has a good chelating effect with divalent ions, can be used as metal ion stabilizer to stabilize the Fe2 +, Fe3 +, Mn2 +, Al3 + in the water effectively, to reduce corrosion and fouling. 

HPAA has good scale performance, can significantly reduce the calcium carbonate, and silica deposition, but its scale scale performance of calcium sulfate scale is not so good. Protective agents can be used to avoid the decomposition of oxidative fungicides on HPAA, but it may be less effected by the residual chlorine in the intermittent chlorination of the cooling water system.

When HPAA compound with zinc salt, there is a significant synergistic corrosion inhibition. Recommended concentration is generally 5 ~ 30mg / L. Dosing equipment should be resistant to acid corrosion.

   2. Used as a metal cathodic corrosion inhibitor.

HPAA is mainly used as a metal cathodic corrosion inhibitor, widely used in steel, petrochemical, power, pharmaceutical and other sectors of the circulating cooling water system corrosion scale. It is suitable for water with low hardness as corrosion inhibitor in southern China. It will have a better effect when it mixed with zinc salt.

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