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Application of Chelating Dispersant in Dyeing and Finishing Process

Views: 234     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-08-16      Origin: Site

Chelating dispersant is one of the most popular auxiliaries in dyeing and finishing process. Its function has been recognized by dyeing and finishing industry.

Used in water treatment, Chelating dispersant can soften water quality; Adding chelating dispersing agent in enzyme desizing can prevent the influence of heavy metal ions (sometimes brought into preservative) on desizing enzyme, and the slurry is easily puffed, separated from the fiber and dispersed into a gel and easy to remove; Adding chelating dispersing agent during scouring can avoid alkali solution and metal ion to form water soluble complex, which can completely remove the metal ions contained in the fiber, at the same time, the calcium and magnesium ions in the scouring bath are chelated to prevent precipitation and deposition on the fabric, and the water absorption and whiteness of the textiles are improved; By adding chelating dispersing agent in the bleaching process, chelating Fe3+ can be used to catalyze the decomposition of heavy metal ions by H2O2, which can prevent the metal ion to H2O2's invalid quick catalytic decomposition, and causes the fabric partial white spot, the brittleness and the hole; Adding chelating agent in polyester alkali reduction, can prevent oligomers and other impurity to pollute equipments; In the dyeing process, chelating dispersing agent is added to prevent dyeing problems caused by metal ions, such as precipitation of dyes, flocculation, floating, color fading and brightness decrease, and can help dye dispersion; Adding chelating dispersing agent in soaping process can completely remove the floating color of the printing and dyeing products, and have white stain prevention function when printing products are used.

But chelating dispersant also has a great function, sometimes neglected by the printing and dyeing circles, which is the scale and scale removing function of chelating dispersant. The use of chelating dispersing agents, such as dispersion and suspension, prevents deposition of scale deposits on textiles and equipment. Long time application of chelating dispersing agent can remove fouling on the equipment.

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