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Principles of wastewater treatment

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Due to the large amount of industrial waste water, its complex components, the difficulty to deal with, degrade and purify, and it will make a great impact on the environment,when we carry on the industrial production, we should also consider how to control the generation of waste water and strengthen the scientific management of industrial wastewater. Wastewater treatment should follow some basic principles:

1.Preferred non-toxic production technology, reform and eliminate backward technology, try our best to eliminate or reduce toxic and hazardous wastewater discharge from the source.

2.When production of raw materials, intermediates, products, and by-products are involved in toxic and hazardous substances, strengthen supervision and improve the skills of operators to avoid the loss of toxic and hazardous substances.

3.Waste water classification recovery, especially for the waste water with highly toxic, heavy metals, radioactive ingredients, should be separated from other waste water diversion. Then it will be easy to handle and recover other useful substances.

4.Emissions of light polluted wastewater can be recycled after treatment, but cannot directly run into the sewer.

5.Biological can be degraded metabolic toxic waste water, such as containing phenol and sulfate wastewater, need to be treated to meet the national wastewater discharge standards, and then do further biochemical treatment.

6.Some organisms cannot degrade metabolized toxic and hazardous wastewater should be handled separately, and be prohibited to run into the city sewer.

7.Similar to the waste water of organic wastewater, such as food, paper and other waste water, can be directly discharged into the city sewage pipes.

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