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Wet Maintenance and Dry Maintenance of the Disabled Boiler

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When the boiler is permanently deactivated, people should pay great attention to the furnace outside the anti-corrosion maintenance issues. First, after the boiler cooling down, you must completely remove the fouling of the heating surface and the ash in the upper part and under part of the furnace. Then keep there must be naturally ventilated in the flue. Under normal circumstances, in order to moisture, desiccant should be placed in the furnace and flue. When using lime as a desiccant, per cubic meter of furnace or flue should generally be placed around 3kg. After placing, all the ventilation doors should be closed tightly. The lime need to be replaced after it becomes powder. If the boiler room is low-lying, during the shutdown period, when the ground tide serious, should use the approach combined with small baking and placing desiccant. If the boiler shutdown in a long time, should be coated with red oil or other anti-corrosion paint on the metal outer surface of the furnace body where the soot is completely removed. 

    The maintenance method in the furnace is determined by the length of the shutdown time. Generally speaking, when the shutdown time is less than a month, the wet maintenance can be used; if more than a month, dry maintenance should be taken. 

    When using wet maintenance, it should be noted that the best water is condensed water, followed by the original furnace water, again the softened water. After adding alkali, the furnace was heated with a micro-fire to 80-100℃. The pressure was raised to 23 gauge and then protected for 23 hours. The cycle was equalized to the alkalinity of the furnace. When the pressure is reduced, the furnace water is filled again, resulting in a 1.54 gauge pressure and maintained this pressure throughout the maintenance period. The alkalinity should be tested on a regular basis and should be replenished at any time. 

    In the winter, wet maintenance should pay attention to antifreezing, especially on the sewer and economizer parts. Before the re-use of the boiler, the pot of alkaline water should be released, it is best to prepare the reservoir to facilitate reuse. Also need to rinse with water.

    In addition to the above two kinds of hot water boiler maintenance methods, there are other ways to carry out the indirect maintenance of hot water boiler to improve the service life of coal-fired hot water boilers and gas-fired hot water boilers.

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