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The Development Countermeasures of City Sewage Treatment

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1.Industrial Wastewater And City Sewage Treatment

The relationship between industrial wastewater and urban sewage treatment can be a reasonable solution, related to how to play an investment benefit, that can not make effective funds for better control of water pollution. Most people have recognized that priority should be given to the consolidation of industrial wastewater and city sewage. Stipulate the quality standard of industrial wastewater into the city sewer, and proceed the necessary pretreatment in the factory, to control and deal with easily caused problems. Factories and cities should be responsible for the investment and operating costs of urban sewers and sewage treatment plants and can be reasonably assessed by water and water quality.

2. City Sewage Recycling

Sewage through different depth of treatment, become people's first water resources. Sewage treatment can not be reasonably used, it will dilute the significance of sewage treatment. It is proven that the source of more reliable reclaimed water is one of the first water resources, but people are biased about the awareness of reclaimed water, that the reclaimed water is obtained from the treated sewage, the final is still sewage, so it can not be reused. It has caused great difficulties to the development of recycled water channel. People should re-understand the recycled water, widen the use of recycled water channels, according to local conditions, according to the need to determine the use of ways. For example, agricultural water, industrial water, municipal, landscape water, life miscellaneous water, city level 1 river landscape water, use of the existing storage ponds of reclaimed water, groundwater irrigation water etc..

3. Construction Of Environmentally Friendly Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage treatment plant is a industry to eliminate the pollution, turn harm into good and for the benefit of the people, the construction of sewage treatment plants to eliminate the pollution of the environment, especially with the support of environmental law, enhance people's awareness of environmental protection, sewage treatment plant should attach great importance to the pollution. Construction of sewage treatment plants should eliminate their environmental pollution, especially with the deepening of environmental protection law and the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, sewage treatment plants should attach great importance to their own pollution. The city's sewage treatment plant construction can be from less to more, from low to high. Try to develop efficient, low-cost processing technology, so as to solve the problem of water pollution prevention and control effectively under the condition of insufficient financial and material resources.

4. To Improve The Degree Of Sewage And Sludge

After the treatment of domestic sewage reached a certain standard, it has become a resource, if not effectively used, it is a waste, especially dry early, semi-dry early water shortage areas. Therefore, on the one hand, the government sets up a classified water supply system to establish a foundation for the realization of reclaimed water reuse. On the other hand, we should formulate positive policies and measures, and adopt economic measures to encourage the reuse of reclaimed water and prevent waste.

5. Urban Sewage Treatment Plant Construction To Moderate Scale

Construction of urban sewage treatment plant should be based on the actual situation, the scale of moderate construction. The scale is too large, the demand for one-time funds is too large, the funds can not be in place in time, the project construction cycle is long, and the limited capital investment can not produce benefits as soon as possible. The scale is too small, both can not meet the local sewage treatment needs, but also can not form economies of scale. Therefore, the construction of sewage treatment plants should be on a moderate scale level, so as to make the lowest operating costs, so as to obtain the best efficiency scale.

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