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Discussion on Optimization of Circulating Water System Management in Thermal Power Plant(2)

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1.Technical Scheme of Circulating Water Treatment in Thermal Power Plant:

    In the new period, the demand for energy resources continued to increase. The thermal power plants became the main places of energy production and made great contributions to the supply of social energy. As the thermal power plant electricity production scale expansion, the energy consumption of the corresponding problem is more obvious. Especially the loss of water resources utilization rate is higher and seriously restricted the thermal power industry's operating earnings. Based on the idea of energy saving and environmental protection, the optimal management of circulating cooling water system in thermal power plant can improve the utilization rate of water resources in many aspects, and establish the ecological, ecological and economical thermal power plant operation mode.

1.1 Sterilization stripping cleaning:

The purpose of sterilization and stripping is to remove the slime and pug attachments attached to the system, cut off its isolation effect of potions, so that the drug will play a role of the scale and corrosion inhibitor to the greatest extent. The main way: Set the pool water level dropped to the lowest security level, in order to save reagent dosage and add the stripping agent 400mg / L for sterilization stripping. Observe the cooling water at the top of the cooling tower and the slime of the inner wall of the tower, the removal of the bacteria and algae, the obstruction of the effluent hole, and the disappearance of the green moss in the inner wall of the tower. After the turbidity of the circulating water was changed, the turbidity was constant for 2 to 4 hours, then end sterilization stripping.

1.2 Normal operation dosing scheme:

(1) Scale and corrosion inhibitor: Adding the concentration of 20 mg/L. Corrosion and scale inhibitor in the basis of dosing, the application of drug delivery device to join the system continuously to maintain the stability of the drug concentration. If the pharmaceutical concentration fluctuate, it will be harmful to the circulating water system operation. Low concentration will affect the use of pharmaceuticals, high concentration will be a waste of drugs.

(2) Fungicide: Non-oxidizing fungicides and oxidizing fungicides are used interchangeably. Non-oxidizing fungicides should use once a month and the dosing concentration is 50mg / L. Oxidative fungicide should use once a day and the dosing concentration is 50mg / L.

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