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Chemical Methods of Industrial Circulating Water Treatment

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Chemical methods for industrial circulating water treatment are mainly through the killing agent, scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor and composite water treatment agent to complete the industrial drainage cooling treatment. It can significantly improve the recycling of recycled water, inhibit corrosion and scaling, reduce energy waste. It greatly extend the life of industrial equipment. Here mainly describes the biocide, compound water treatment agent.


    The biocide is a method for treating the microorganisms contained in the cooling water, and there are two types of biocides for oxidizing and non-oxidizing properties. First of all, oxidizing biocides are more commonly used chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone and hypochlorite. Among them, the use of chlorine has a long history. It is the industrial circulating water treatment in the disinfection of representatives and veterans. It is easy to use, low prices and the strong sterilization capacity. Chlorine dioxide is developed in recent years and is a more widely used biocide. It has the advantage of strong bactericidal and no side effects. The advantage of ozone is that there is no pollution to the environment. Second, the non-oxidizing biocide has the characteristics of low concentration, wide use of PH range and good biodegradability. In view of their different characteristics, usually combine two types of biocides to improve the use of results in the process of industrial circulating water treatment.

2.compound water treatment agent:

    Compound use the scale inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor can achieve the effect of increasing the industrial circulating cooling water treatment and also can simultaneously control a variety of different materials of metal. Representative of the compound treatment agent also includes organic phosphorus, chrome treatment formula, key water treatment agent formula. Among them, the chrome-type formula is the most abundant source of the current technology and the most mature usage of the formula. It can improve the stability of zinc in circulating cooling water and reduce the microbial corrosion and slime. The effect is very obvious. Organic phosphorus system has the advantage of good stability, easy to use, rich in drug sources and good oxidation resistance. The key formula is the advantage of low toxicity side effects and no pollution to the environment.

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