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The treatment of industrial circulating water

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1.Physical way:

    Membrane treatment: This method is mainly through the use of special film for the full use of recycled water in the specified ingredients for effective selective. In this treatment method also includes two other treatment methods, respectively, nanofiltration treatment and reverse osmosis treatment. Currently, nanofiltration processing is the most rapid development treatment. The penetration of the technology is greater and the selection and filtration of processing technology is also more advanced. Reverse osmosis treatment is to give a certain degree of pressure to the industrial circulating water and make the circulating water under the action of pressure into the water separation stage, by separating it to achieve the final disposal purposes. This way can also play a role in the purification of circulating water. In addition, there are effective protection of the cathode, the general use of the way are direct current. In the role of direct current, so that the ions will be gathered in the metal around the metal, and make the effective protection of the metal. The metal will be in the negative charge under the action of positive and negative ions shift and it plays a protective role. This approach greatly reduces the possible problems with the use of chemicals.

2.Chemical way:

    A reagent is mainly used in chemical reagent of biocide. The main role of the reagent is circulating water which exists in many different types of micro-organisms for effective treatment. Generally, it can be used oxidize and non-oxidative way to play a bactericidal effect. Oxidation methods used reagents like hypochlorite, chlorine, ozone and so on. Chlorine has the function with strong bactericidal ability, the use of convenient form and low price characteristics. It is generally the preferred industrial chemical treatment of circulating water treatment. Non-oxidative mode is mainly through the change in the liquid pH to achieve the ultimate goal. In addition, there is another way that is the compound form of treatment agent. This treatment agent will play the full role of corrosion and scale inhibition in the circulating water, so as to improve the overall effect of treatment. This reagent not only reduces the corrosion and adhesion of microorganisms, but also increases the stability of zinc in circulating water.

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