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The Main Harm To Boiler By Poor Water Quality

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Deposit: The thermal conductivity of scale is very poor, and its thermal conductivity is only about 1% of the steel plate of boiler. Due to the serious impact of the heat conduction of the boiler, it must rely on the furnace temperature to ensure evaporation. The amount of coal and the amount of blast of the boiler will be increased, the heat loss of smoke exhaust will be increased, the fixed carbon in the coal will not be fully burned, the boiler will be in bad combustion state, and the thermal efficiency of the boiler will be greatly reduced.

Corrosion: There are three main kinds of boiler corrosion due to poor water quality:

1. Oxygen Corrosion: it is characterized by local pitting corrosion, penetration is very strong, great harm to the safe operation of boilers.

2. Caustic Embrittlement: it is due to the long-term high alkalinity of boiler water, the harm is the destruction of the internal structure of the metal, the boiler metal strength decreased.

3. Underdeposit Corrosion (iron corrosion): the formation of high iron scale in the boiler in iron pot water, this scale can accelerate the corrosion of iron and its scale, and generate new scale form vicious spiral iron corrosion. Therefore, the national "industrial boiler water quality standard" put forward clear requirements for the content of iron ion in boiler feed water.

Priming: The phenomenon of priming is caused by the dissolution of solid water, solid matter and oil, organic matter and other components. The main hazard is the steam is seriously polluted, and even can not be used; The water level gauge in the air bubble, can not normally show the boiler water level, water level automatic control system completely failed, great harm to the safety of boiler.

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