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Discussion on Optimization of Circulating Water System Management in Thermal Power Plant(1)

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1.Problems of Thermal Power Plant Circulating Water System:

A thermal power plant has three generating units, respectively, 25MW, 25MW, 50MW, while connected with the fish pond. There are more serious corrosion problems and biological slime problems. Because of the corrosion problems, it caused condenser copper pipe leakage of 200 every year. Due to biological slime, each quarter need to clean the balloon, and sometimes need high-pressure water shock. It result in greatly increased maintenance costs. Because the cooling does not come down, the water sectors use unboiled water to cooling in the hot days. It results in the increased water consumption. The thermal power plant can promote the role of the power industry economy. We must pay attention to the thermal power plant circulating water system problem and solve the shortage of circulating cooling water treatment. In view of these problems, the water treatment technology of cutting fish pond and chemical dosing is adopted to improve the vacuum degree of steam turbine and the utilization rate of water resources. It also optimizes the circulating water system of thermal power plant.

2.Optimization of Circulating Cooling Water:

Based on the popularization of circulating water system in thermal power plant, the circulating water system should adopt a series of optimization measures to ensure the sustainable use of circulating water system function. In the traditional thermal power plant water treatment, because the heat exchange’s working rate is low. It will affect the overall utilization and reduce the availability of water resources. With the aid of circulating water treatment process, the exchange heat or direct contact heat transfer method can be further optimized to improve the efficiency of water resources in the plant. In addition, adding acid is a common problem in circulating water systems, which may undermine the orderly nature of water system operations and resulting in more waste of water resources. Circulating cooling water optimization process focused on solving the problem of acid addition.

3.Application of Water Treatment Technology:

The power plant should pay attention to the application of the automatic control technology of the steam turbine equipment. Optimizing the management of the circulating water system and improving the recycling rate of the internal and external water resources so as to realize the energy saving value of the circulating water system fundamentally. In the circulating water system operation process, we should pay attention to the maintenance of such problems and the timely elimination of water quality hazards to enhance the secondary utilization of resources.

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