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Physical method of industrial circulating water treatment

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At present, the chemical method is still the common method of industrial circulating cooling water treatment in China. However, because of its corrosive and toxic, in the use of the scope and object have a certain limit. Therefore, in some cases, it should choose the physical method. The mature ways are membrane treatment and cathodic protection.

1.Membrane treatment:

    Membrane treatment method refers to the separation of the different components of circulating water through a special membrane for selective separation. Membrane treatment methods are mainly includes nanofiltration treatment and reverse osmosis treatment. The reverse osmosis treatment can achieve deep purification of circulating water. It is mainly by applying pressure to the circulating cooling water to accelerate the separation rate and extract the excess hazardous substances, so as to be able to re-put into use the standard industrial circulating water. In addition, the nanofiltration treatment has high penetration. The technology and reverse osmosis treatment compared with reverse osmosis treatment is more advanced and the development is relatively fast. Although the membrane treatment is less irritating and less toxic, the actual treatment is much worse than the chemical treatment with toxicity.

2.Cathodic protection:

  Cathodic protection mainly by means of direct current, so that industrial circulating water contained ion-protective medium will all attracted to the vicinity of the protected metal. The negative potential of the protected metal is shifted to the potential of the protection to avoid corrosion of the metal. The implementation of the former mainly with the application of external current, the latter is achieved through the cathode and anode coupling.

    In short, the physical method of industrial circulating cooling water treatment is mainly through the physical characteristics of circulating water and to maintain the original characteristics of industrial circulating water on the basis of the realization of the depth of circulating water purification. Its use and development prospects are very broad. Industrial units should continue to increase capital investment, training professional and technical personnel. It also should strengthen the physical processing of the research and analysis to better improve the industrial water recycling effect and to prevent the drawbacks of chemical methods.

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