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Research Progress of Multifunctional Water Treatment Agents

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-07-07      Origin: Site

Water treatment agent is mainly used for scale inhibition, corrosion inhibition, flocculation, sterilization, etc., to reduce the water pipes and other metal equipment corrosion, to remove the suspended solids and harmful substances, deodorant decolorization, softening and stable water quality. The existing water treatment technology Chemical treatment of water is mainly using with a variety of pharmaceuticals in the water treatment system. The process is complex and needs a many equipments. The cost of pharmaceuticals is high and the operation process is complex. Sometimes because of a variety of pharmaceutical dosing and mutual antagonism, thereby reducing efficacy. Therefore, it is very meaningful to study a water treatment agent that has two or more functions. 

In recent years, multi-functional Water treatment agent - both two or more functions of water treatment agents have made some progress, and the successful application of a series of products in industrial water treatment. Coagulant also has flotation effect. Water quality stabilizer also has function of scale and corrosion inhibitor. Flocculant also has sterilization, scale and corrosion inhibitor etc. With the development of modern industry and agriculture and the increasingly stringent requirements for environmental protection, with a dose of multiple effect of research and development of water treatment agent has a broad market prospect. It is the future development trend of water treatment agents. 

Foreign multi-functional Water treatment agent development and application is earlier, and has already formed industrialization. But China started late and the development is not yet scale. With the increase in awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation and increasingly demanding application conditions, the development and application of water treatment agent with flocculation, corrosion inhibition, scale and sterilization and other multi-purpose have great potential and market. With the enhancement of human environmental awareness, the development and application of green multi-purpose water treatment agents have been paid more and more attention. The future water treatment agent market will develop in the direction of non-phosphorus, non-nitrogen and biodegradable highly efficient multi-functional agents.

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