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The mechanism of industrial circulating water treatment

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There are many slightly soluble salt substances in the water. These substances will continue after the heat deposition and eventually forming the material for the scale. Scale is the most common substance in industrial circulating water and often leading to serious fouling. Therefore, effective scale inhibition is one of the main processing tasks. In the course of processing, the main way is to add the scale inhibitor. In the circulating water, adding a certain amount of scale inhibition can effectively maintain the circulating water in the scale ion concentration. The resulting scale will be inhibited and increasing the enrichment factor, thereby reducing the circulating water system of water and emissions. There is a lot of crystals in the scale. These crystals contain a lot of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate formed by the crystallization and it is very hard and dense. In the process of dissolving, it is necessary to select a reagent which increases the solubility of the calcium salt and further suppressing the formation of scale.


Corrosion inhibition and scale inhibition has the same mechanism. The use of corrosion inhibitors need to have a practical and environmentally friendly function. In the corrosion treatment, the main use of corrosion inhibitors is for organic chemical reagents. Such as: chromic acid corrosion inhibitor, acid salt corrosion inhibitor, zinc salt corrosion inhibitor, phosphate corrosion inhibitor, polyphosphate Corrosion inhibition. These reagents can form a basic protective film on the metal surface and reduce the corrosive substances to corrode the metal. However, the price of these reagents are higher and need high cost. The cost of zinc salt Corrosion inhibition is low. It is toxic and the reagent remains to be further studied.

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