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Protection Countermeasures of Oilfield Water Injection

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1.Improve the surrounding environment of oil and gas pipelines. Usually, the corrosion of the pipeline occurs because of the soil moisture. So it is necessary to reduce the wetness of the soil and reduce the corrosive. The way is to avoid the drainage of the soil, laying tile pavement, making the soil with the corresponding breathable performance and making the water can evaporate quickly.

2.Using a coating material with a good adhesion of the metal as the coating layer for oil and gas pipelines. While ensuring that the material has a stable chemical and mechanical properties. And also has the function of anti-microbial corrosion and other effects. Such as petroleum asphalt, coal tar enamel, etc. These coating materials are more commonly used. 

3.Add corrosion inhibitors to the pipe. The above two methods are for the pipeline outside the corrosion of the countermeasures. In the pipeline corrosion, the internal corrosion and external corrosion will occur at the same time. So we need a corresponding prevention and control of corrosion of the pipe. The addition of a corrosion inhibitor to the pipe is a very effective way. It can slow down the progress of corrosion in oil and gas pipelines and to achieve the purpose of pipeline protection. Due to the different corrosion inhibitors, so there will be a variety of different characteristics. So we need to select the appropriate corrosion inhibitor for pipeline corrosion.

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