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Recommendations for the development of scale inhibitors

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1.We need to strengthen the research of scale inhibition mechanism for providing theoretical guidance for the development of scale inhibitions. In the development of existing scale inhibitions, the compound formula has a better scale and corrosion inhibition performance than a single agent. It can compensate for the shortcomings of a single pharmaceutical structure. It also can properly reduce the phosphorus content of effective pharmaceuticals. It can be used as the main direction of the development of the current industrial water scale corrosion. In recent years, the study of scale inhibitions is mainly for organic phosphonates, polycarboxylates or polyacrylates and hydroxyethylidene diphosphonic acid (HEDP). Development of the synergistic effect after the complex can enhance its scale effect in industrial water treatment systems.

2.Environmental protection and energy conservation efforts, sewage treatment and water conservation has the same important position. To a large extent, saving water and recycling water can reduce the sewage treatment and saving the investment of environmental management. In this environment, develop better industrial scale inhibition and improve the recycling of water is more suitable for national conditions. Non-phosphorus or low phosphorus, non-nitrogen and biodegradable environmentally friendly scale inhibitions will become the mainstream of industrial water treatment research. In the use of existing scale inhibitors, we should accelerate the environmental-friendly water treatment agents, such as Polyaspartic acid and polyepoxysuccinic acid and other further research to improve product quality, reduce production costs and expand its scope of application. While developing new synthetic processes and methods, especially to further study the simplification of synthetic steps.

3.At present, most of the researches are focus on the field of circulating cooling water treatment scale inhibitions in China. And the study on scale inhibitor in high temperature and high alkalinity of reverse osmosis scale inhibitor, sewage treatment system scale inhibitor and flue gas desulfurization project is less. We should accelerate the study of such special scale inhibitors.

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