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The significance of recycling power plant water waste heat

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At present, there is a centralized heating in large and medium-sized cities in China and the heat can not meet the rapidly increasing demand. But investment of new large-scale heat source is high and the construction of the period is long. by the city's environmental capacity of the strong constraints. It is strongly restricted by urban environmental capacity.

In order to alleviate the situation of tight heating, some places blindly develop small coal-fired boiler room and it is seriously deteriorating the city's atmospheric environment. Some cities blindly develop gas heating, and even electric heating. While bringing high heating costs, it also led to the city's gas and power resources of the overall tension. On the one hand, high grade fossil fuels provide low grade of heat for heating and hot water for life. On the other hand, during the power generation process of the surrounding thermal power plants in the city, through the cooling tower and put a lot of low-grade heat emissions into the atmosphere. It results a huge energy waste and effect hot and humid environment. Therefore, if the recirculating cooling water can be used for heating, it is not only to reduce the power plant cooling water cooling caused by the loss of water evaporation and environmental pollution, but also to ease the heating gas and power resources. At the same time, to achieve the use of energy cascade, save a lot of fuel and improve efficiency of energy.

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