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Water Treatment Agents and Sustainable Development

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1.Water treatment agent and saving water. 

Seizing the more concentrated use of industrial water is the first to save water. In industrial water, the proportion of cooling water is the largest. It is accounting for about 60% -70%. So saving the cooling water has become the most urgent task of industrial water conservation. 

After the use of cooling water, the water is greatly saved. However, due to the continuous of the cooling water evaporate, the water is concentrated in the salt and coupled with the cooling water and atmospheric contact, dissolved oxygen and bacterial content are greatly increased. It causes three major problems like serious scaling, corrosion and algae breeding in circulating cooling water. So hot exchange rate is greatly reduced, frequent maintenance and threatening the normal production.

2.The main content of the water treatment agent and the development of history.

Water treatment chemicals also known as Water treatment agent. It includes industrial, urban, environmental protection chemicals for water treatment. It also involves cooling water, boiler water, air conditioning water, drinking water, sewage and process water including oil extraction.

Many of the treatment agents currently used are chemicals, which are good for removing dirt, preventing corrosion and algal production, and optimizing water quality. If using circulating cooling water, the resources will be very good used and will not cause any waste. This technology is developed in foreign countries, after continuous development, it introduction to domestic.

3.Water Treatment Agents and Capital Construction Investment.

    Along with the constant development in our country, in order to control pollution, we need to introduce a lot of equipment. But now, the shortage of funds is also the problem we face. Therefore, for the construction of our country, the government advocates the construction of capital savings, which is just in line with the current construction of four modern requirements. 

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