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Optimization of Circulating Water System Management in Thermal Power Plant

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Based on the universal application of circulating water system in thermal power plant, a series of optimization measures should be adopted to ensure the sustainable development of the circulating water system.

In traditional water treatment of thermal power plant, because of the heat exchange, the processing rate is low, thus affecting the overall utilization rate, reducing the availability of water resources. With the aid of circulating water treatment technology, the heat exchange or direct contact heat transfer method can be further optimized, improving the efficiency of water resources recycling. Based on the idea of energy conservation and environmental protection, the optimal management of circulating cooling water system in thermal power plant can improve the utilization rate of water resources in many aspects, and establish the thermal power plant operation mode of ecological, economic type.

Power plant should pay attention to the application of automatic control technology of steam turbine equipment, optimize the management of circulating water system, improve the recycling rate of water resources, so as to fundamentally realize the energy saving value of circulating water system. During the operation of circulating water system, we should pay attention to the maintenance and repair of such problems, and eliminate the harm of water quality in time, in order to improve the secondary utilization of resources.

In addition, the addition of acid is more common in circulating water systems, which may undermine the orderness of the water system operations, resulting in more waste of water resources. The optimal treatment of circulating cooling water is mainly to solve the problem of adding acid.

Water resource is the indispensable material for the production of thermal power plants, and is the main waste of steam turbine. Raw coal fuel plays an important role in the combustion of steam turbine in thermal power plant, and coal is a long-term accumulation of ecological resources. Thermal power plant long-term use of coal fuel cost is costly, focusing on thermal power plant energy conservation is the inevitable requirement of industry reform. Industrial water system is the key factor affecting the efficiency of thermal power plant. Taking circulation reform measures in water treatment system can improve the operation efficiency of the internal control system of the thermal power plant, and accelerate the development of the energy saving thermal power plant construction.

The circulating water system of thermal power plant has high energy saving and environmental protection value. The purpose of circulating cooling water is to effectively save water resources and reduce thermal pollution. With the expansion of the scale of power generation in thermal power plant, it is necessary to adhere to maintain and manage the circulating water system, and to do well it. 

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