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New Water-saving and Environmental Protection Water Treatment Technology

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Because of the increasing importance of energy conservation and environmental protection, the new water treatment technology continues to develop. The current polymer LHE multifunctional water stabilizer technology is more suitable for the needs of sustainable development, more popular with enterprises. It is replacing the treatment of phosphorus-based formulations.

1.Theoretical innovation. In the past, add organic phosphorus and other nutrient water treatment agent. Now instead of adding chemicals that can be complexed with polyvalent ions in water. In the water cycle of the equipment system, after a certain period of fusion, makes it insoluble substance multifunctional LHE polymer, precipitation separation. Reduce the nutrient in the water and eliminate the necessary conditions for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms and bacteria. Moreover, it is unnecessary to add any toxic elements such as bactericide and algae killing agent, and the water treatment management becomes simple and convenient. Reduce the cost and the difficulty of sewage treatment.

2. Technological innovation. The theory of the past is to prevent the precipitation of calcium and magnesium material in circulating water, to prevent scaling. Now after the addition of the LHE polymer, the calcium and magnesium substances are complexed and then precipitated. So that the newly generated complex insoluble material is automatically separated from the circulating water, to realize the self purification of water quality, which can recycle and reuse, reduce waste water discharge and reduce labor intensity.

3. Corrosion mechanism innovation. Under the condition of normal operation, the polymer organic polymer gradually forms a layer of organic protective film on the metal surface of the water treatment system. Effectively resist the corrosion of a variety of factors and extend the operating life of the equipment. It provides a reliable technical guarantee for high production, stable production, safety, low consumption and long-periodic economic operation.

4. Innovation of descaling method. In the past, it is very common to use manual removal and chemical cleaning, but the chemical cleaning waste liquid pollutes the environment and corrodes equipment. The use of new multi-functional LHE polymer, because it is in the normal operation of the circulating water system, do not need to stop production, no pollution and no corrosion of equipment. After the removal of the scale, the metal surface naturally forms a layer of organic protective film, as long as the normal addition of polymer agents, the system will be no fouling corrosion considerations. It is beneficial to the safe operation of circulating water system and equipment.

The above four innovations, eliminates the need to strictly control the concentration of multiple, eliminates the need for inspection and testing of various types of circulating water quality indicators. So that the water treatment operation becomes simple and easy to operate, but also water-saving environmental protection, and no damage to the operation of the equipment.

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