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water treatment technology

These are related to the water treatment technology news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in water treatment technology and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand water treatment technology market.
1.Problems of Thermal Power Plant Circulating Water System:A thermal power plant has three generating units, respectively, 25MW, 25MW, 50MW, while connected with the fish pond. There are more serious corrosion problems and biological slime problems. Because of the corrosion problems, it caused conde



Application After Sewage Treatment
(1) Reuse of industrial water. The treated waster water can be used for a variety of industrial enterprises that do not need to meet the drinking water quality requirements. All kinds of cooling water, boiler water, water for production and processing, cleaning and auxiliary water etc., can use trea



New Water-saving and Environmental Protection Water Treatment Technology
Because of the increasing importance of energy conservation and environmental protection, the new water treatment technology continues to develop. The current polymer LHE multifunctional water stabilizer technology is more suitable for the needs of sustainable development, more popular with enterpri



Optimization of Circulating Water System Management in Thermal Power Plant
Based on the universal application of circulating water system in thermal power plant, a series of optimization measures should be adopted to ensure the sustainable development of the circulating water system.In traditional water treatment of thermal power plant, because of the heat exchange, the pr
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