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Reasons for the use of scale inhibitor in RO water treatment equipment

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Reverse Osmosis water treatment equipment is the raw water through the precision filter, granular activated carbon filter, compressed activated carbon filter, and then through the pump pressure, using Reverse Osmosis membrane (RO membrane), so that a higher concentration of water will be into a low concentration of water. At the same time, the industrial pollutants, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and other large impurities mixed with water will be isolated, so as to achieve the physicochemical index and hygienic standard of drinking provisions. Output of the pure to pure water, is the best choice for the body replenishing high quality of water. Reverse Osmosis technology to produce water, the purity is currently the highest water making technology in mankind, the cleanliness is almost 100%.

Reverse Osmosis membrane is the key equipment of the Reverse Osmosis system, the system continuously operates for a long time, the calcium and magnesium ions will continue to precipitate in the water and attached to the surface of the Reverse Osmosis membrane, the formation of fouling blocked membrane hole, which will affect the effluent efficiency of Reverse Osmosis system, damage the Reverse Osmosis membranes. As the Reverse Osmosis membrane is more expensive, so in the system operation, it is necessary to add a dosing system, using Reverse Osmosis scale inhibitor in the water, to delay the precipitation of calcium and magnesium ions and membrane fouling.

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