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water treatment chemical

These are related to the water treatment chemical news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in water treatment chemical and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand water treatment chemical market.

Water is the basis of human survival and the lifeblood of industrial production. With the growth of population and the expansion of economic activities, the demand for industrial water increases rapidly, and the contradiction between supply and demand of water resources becomes more and more tense.



Analysis of the use of industrial water treatment

Soft water treatment agent in industrial water treatment agent can reduce the hardness of raw water and reduce the precipitation of raw water after heat treatment. Scale will affect the normal operation of equipment and reduce the efficiency of equipment handling.Softened water has been widely promo



Summary of Softening Water Pharmacy for Industrial Circulating Water

Industrial water treatment agents are generally scale inhibitors and polyacrylamides. Organic polyphosphonate is the largest and most widely used water treatment agent at home and abroad. It has good chemical stability, high temperature resistance and with a corrosion effect.The industrial in China



Polyaspartic acid

Polyaspartic acidPolyaspartic acid ( PASP ) is a new environmental protection scale inhibitor developed by foreign researchers in the past 10 years. Its sodium salt is sodium polyaspartate. It is reported that the sodium salt is biodegradable , non-toxic, non-destructive to ecological environment, a

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