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Polyaspartic acid

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Polyaspartic acid ( PASP ) is a new environmental protection scale inhibitor developed by foreign researchers in the past 10 years. Its sodium salt is sodium polyaspartate. It is reported that the sodium salt is biodegradable , non-toxic, non-destructive to ecological environment, and it can be used for cooling water, boiler water treatment and desalination, de-sugar recovery, reverse osmosis and other water treatment process. This scale inhibitor is widely used in foreign countries. Polyaspartic acid ( PASP ) is usually made from maleic anhydride as a raw material and thermally polymerized. 

Schwamborn proposed three methods for making polyaspartic from acidmaleic anhydride thermally polymerized. It is mainly focus on the research of the modification of aspartic acid. Using maleic acid as raw material, thermally polymerize with ammonia to get Aspartic anhydride at a certain temperature, and hydrolyze it to obtain Polyaspartic acidammonia. CaCO3 scale inhibition and dispersion iron oxide were measured for polyaspartic acid. The results showed that polyaspartic acid not only had excellent scale inhibition performance for calcium carbonate, also had a certain inhibitory effect on Iron oxide deposition. It is an excellent water treatment chemical. Using ammonium and maleic anhydride as raw materials, synthesis polyaspartic acid. The optimum conditions for the synthesis of polyaspartic acid were as follows: the ammonium salt (NH4)2CO3, the amount of  maleic anhydride and ammonium salt is 1:1:2, then react 2 hours at 240℃. The polyaspartic acid we synthesized will have had good scale inhibition. It will be a low-cost and excellent scale inhibitor, it can be also used in high calcium high temperature and has great effect.

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