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Scale inhibitor - Polymer

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The scale inhibition effect of the copolymer scale inhibitor mainly includes: chelation, lattice distortion, growth inhibition and colloidal dispersion. It is scale inhibitor based on acrylic acid and maleic acid as the main body, according to the water quality, scale types and different application environment, the introduction of a variety of functional groups in the molecule and developed a variety of formulations.

Polymers with carboxylic acid groups can effectively inhibit the formation of calcium fouling; Sulfonic acid group has a good dispersion of the sediments, can effectively disperse the metal oxides, and also has a good inhibition effect on calcium phosphate scale; The amide polymer has a good inhibition effect on silicon scale.

At present, the research on these scale inhibitors is mainly focused on the development of the copolymers or the introduction of other groups, because the copolymers with a variety of functional groups, can more effectively inhibit the production of various types of scale, rather than those simple scale inhibitor can only inhibit some of the sediments. The introduction of hydroxyl groups and sulfonic acid groups in the copolymer can improve the chelating and dispersing ability of the copolymers to calcium phosphate, which shows a good application prospect. At the same time, the introduction of sulfonic acid groups in the molecule strengthen the dispersion, which commonly used in the cooling water system and medium and low pressure boiler, used to control calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, silicate, iron oxide and sludge precipitation.

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