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Polyepoxysuccinic Acid (PESA)

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Polyepoxysuccinic acid is a non-phosphorus, nitrogen-free biodegradable water treatment agent. Because of its excellent scale resistance and good environmental protection, more and more  water treatment industry pay attention on it. Since the 1990s, developed by the United States, it became a popular research because of its excellent scale performance and degradation. Recently, many developed countries have propose and promulgate the policy of phosphorus prohibiting, environmental protection products have been greatly welcomed, such as PESA, PASP and so on. The market requirement of these products is in a rising trend. At present, many domestic manufacturers, and research institutes in this area have done a lot of research about these products, but most of the products or samples showed poor performance and instability in the scale inhibition performance and other aspects. Compared with the imported products, there is a certain gap, especially in industrial production, the scale performance has large differences between different batches, and its combination property is unstable. In a long period, the industry including ourselves, consider the product as a hype. However, some customers who has used it import product strongly recommended it to us. We resumed the PESA synthesis experiments, through exploration, we successfully solved the problem of its performance instability, whether it is a small test product or continuous three months more than 50 batches of pilot products, all aspects of performance are very stable. It can be proved that PESA itself is indeed a good product, the effect is not so satisfied because we haven’t mastered the right skill. Here are some of the conclusions we have come to after our experiment:

Using maleic anhydride as raw material, and the scale inhibition performance of PESA was measured. 

1.When the dosage is 10mg / L, the scale inhibition rate of CaCO3 is more than 80%.

2. When the dosage of PESA is 20mg / L, the scale inhibition rate of BaSO4 is more than 80%.

3. When the dosage is 30mg / L, the scale inhibition rate of SrSO4 is more than 80%. 4. Its scale inhibition is strong and stable.

4. Compounded with PBTCA, EDTMPS and other agent, PESA has synergistic interaction. 

5. PESA has good compatibility with cationic fungicide 1227 and so on.

However, there are still a lot of things need to be improved. For example, its performance in high temperature and its testing method in circulating water system. More application studies need to be developed by more and more water treatment workers. 


PESA; polyepoxysuccinic acid; Polyepoxysuccinic Acid(PESA); epoxysuccinic acid homopolymer; Polyoxirane-2,3-Dicarboxylic Acid;2,3-oxiranedicarboxylic acid homopolymer; poly(1-oxacyclopropane-2,3-dicarboxylic acid)

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