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Performance and characteristics of water treatment reagent

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Performance Characteristics and Application of Flocculant:

    The formula of flocculants is +CH2-CHn. It is a linear polymer and the molecular weight is between 400 to 20 million. Flocculant can be separated from the city of domestic sewage with flocculation, degradation of the efficient combination of mixed bacteria on the treatment of domestic sewage. It will ensure that the sewage COD and BOD removal rate of 100%.

Performance and Characteristics of corrosion and scale inhibitor

    Corrosion inhibitor is a water treatment agent to ease the boiler and other recycling water equipment scaling. Alkaline substances in the chemical will through the chemical reaction in the boiler and water in the calcium, magnesium salts will react to produce water slag. After the precipitation, it will through the sewage function to discharge from the boiler and reduce the water calcium, magnesium ion concentration. So that the boiler does not generate scale.

Performance and characteristics of cleaning agent:

    The cleaning agent is a volatile solvent that dissolves the permeate. It is used to remove the excess permeate from the surface of the workpiece. Before using the cleaning agent, it is necessary to check the cleaning tank, pipe and security filters.

Performance and characteristics of fungicide:

    Fungicides are mainly to eliminate harmful bacteria such as bacteria, microorganisms and so on. Fungicides do not produce defects such as bromine, iodine, peroxides or peracetic acid on the system. 

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