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Kelso company sends new water treatment technology to Botswana

Views: 23     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-11-18      Origin: Site

A Kelso company is sending new self-sustaining technology to Botswana to bring properly treated water supplies to some of its most remote areas.

The Bravo Hydro system runs without grid electricity or solar power, using a tiny generator in the water pipe.

Scotmas said the technology could bring reliably disinfected water to areas where it had not been possible before.

It is being sent to 40 villages in Botswana thanks to a major investment by the country's government.

Scotmas managing director Alistair Cameron said the company was used to developing water disinfection systems in "challenging locations around the world".

He said the need for effective water disinfection in remote areas of developing countries had "never been greater".

"Working in close partnership with our clients throughout Asia and Africa, we have worked to bring the latest innovations in hydro-electric technology to the water treatment sector," he said.

'Positive impact'

Visiting the Scotmas site along with representatives from Scottish Enterprise to welcome visitors from the Botswana Water Authority, local MP Calum Kerr said he had been delighted to hear about the deal.

"Scotmas is a pioneering business that demonstrates what can be achieved when you combine innovation, skills and targeted support," he said.

"The story of Bravo Hydro is remarkable.

"We should all be proud of the business's achievement as it launches a product that looks set to have a very positive impact on the long struggle to bring clean, safe, drinking water to some of the most challenging circumstances on the planet."

--Shandong ThFine Chemical Co., Ltd.

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