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Descaling method of industrial boiler

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In the operation of industrial boiler, the main purpose of water treatment work is to prevent the boiler fouling, but due to the treatment methods and other factors, will lead to local fouling in the boiler phenomenon. In order to ensure the industrial boiler efficiency, stable and safe operation, it is necessary to remove the dirt in time.

At present, in the industrial boiler descaling, commonly used methods are mainly the following:

(1)Mechanical descaling method: When there is loose scale, water slag in industrial hot water boiler, during the shutdown of the boiler, the boiler is completely cooled, release the boiler water and use water to wash, using steel wire brush, flat shovel etc. for descaling. Mechanical descaling method is simple operation and mostly used for small industrial boiler. But the intensity of labor is larger in the process of descaling, the descaling effect is relatively poor, and it is easy to damage the boiler body.

(2)Alkali cleaning method: After the use of alkali cleaning method, the scale will obviously become loose, mainly for the scale difficult to remove using hydrochloric acid. Alkali cleaning method has the advantages of simple operation, the influence of the boiler body is relatively small. The disadvantage is that the boiling time is relatively long, the consumption of reagent is relatively large, the effect is relatively poor.

(3)Pickling descaling method: Pickling descaling method mainly uses hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and other chemicals for cleaning. Pickling solution is generally made of hydrochloric acid, corrosion inhibitor, nitric acid and inhibitor prepared. Not only can eliminate the scale of industrial boiler, but also reduce the corrosion of the boiler body, played a more ideal exfoliation, dissolution and loose effect.

In industrial production, operation effect of industrial boiler has important significance for the improvement of production efficiency, and is the guarantee of the basic conditions of production safety.

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