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The performance characteristics of boiler scale inhibitor

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The applicable scope of the power plant boiler scale inhibitor:

Power plant boiler scale inhibitor is for thermal power plants, power plant boiler scale inhibitor high pressure boiler operating conditions and water vapor quality standards for the development of power plant boiler scale inhibitor. It is used in the power plant boiler water quality for the additional treatment. 

Ingredients: mixture, anti-hydrolysis agent, corrosion inhibitor and other components. 

The performance characteristics:

1.Power plant boiler scale inhibitor can effectively prevent the formation of calcium and magnesium ion scale, especially suitable for sulfuric acid root ion in water and silica content of high water quality. It also can effectively prevent the boiler tube to produce insoluble sulfate and silicate scale.

2.Effectively prevent the boiler scale due to water treatment process failure or process defects caused by excessive hardness.

3.Effectively prevent circulating water leakage caused by the condenser leakage into the boiler lead to condensation backwater of scaling and pipe explosion accidents.

4.It can be formed on the surface of the sheet metal anti-corrosion protective film. Effectively prevent the pot of harmful chemical substances on the boiler metal corrosion damage.

5.Saving cleaning descaling expenses and the outage loss caused by the power plant boiler scale inhibitor. It helps maintain the best thermal efficiency of boiler, reduce the energy consumption cost and improve enterprise economic benefits.

Method of use:

Dosage: Calculating daily water supply according to the boiler evaporation, according to the per ton of filling water add the goods 100-200g to calculate the total amount of daily dosing.

Dosing method:

1.In the boiler water supply system desalination tank set on a continuous dosing device. The goods will be added to the system in a quantitative manner.

2.Before the water pump on the pipeline set regularly or linkage dosing pump in the boiler. The product will be regularly quantitative with the feed water into the boiler.

3.It also can use the boiler original phosphate treatment dosing system or hydrazine dosing system to add this product to the boiler.

4.In order to facilitate the dosing, in determining the total amount of dosing under the premise of the dosing pump (or dosing device) flow, with the salt water to dilute the product to the appropriate proportion after adding.

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