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The Role and Its Importance of Water Treatment Technology

Views: 11     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-04-05      Origin: Site

The application of water treatment technology in circulating cooling water can improve the quality of water, reduce corrosion and fouling of equipment, prolong the life of equipment, ensure the long-period production cycle smooth operation, save water and reduce sewage. It makes great benefit to ecological environment, thus we can obtain great economic and social benefits from it.

We make a comprehensive evaluation of the economic benefits of chemical water treatment from its processing cost and production. If the cost of chemical treatment is reasonable, it will bring a lot of benefits to the system. As far as I know, many factories have experience in this field, especially at the beginning of their water treatment process. After running for some time, they have found that they might have so much troubles in dealing with water treatment problems. Then they used chemical treatment to solve these problems, the quality of water has been improved. Science and technology are part of the first productive force. Circulating water chemical treatment technology play an important role in saving energy, achieving high and stable production, and improve efficiency, specific performance in:  

(1)Ensure the efficient operation of heat transfer equipment. Through the chemical process, we can slow down the corrosion and scaling of equipment and pipelines, improve the efficiency of heat transfer, improve the process conditions, extend the service life of equipment and pipelines.

(2)Keep stable production. If there is no sediment adhesion, corrosion perforation and mud clogging and other hazards, the heat exchanger in the cooling water system can always work in a good environment. In addition to the planned maintenance, the accident will be reduced. We can provide a guarantee for the long term safe operation of production, then we will reduce the waste of time in the production process due to equipment maintenance.

(3)Save water resources. After using water treatment agent, we can improve the concentration of cooling water, which has an important effect on industrial water conservation. Compared with the tributary cooling water, even if the concentration of recycled water is relatively low (only 1.5 times), it can still save water around 94.8%. It can be seen that increasing the enrichment factor and using water treatment techniques to improve and purify water quality play a vital role in conserving water resources.

(4)Reduce the environmental pollution. Due to the increase in the enrichment factor, the recirculating cooling water system significantly reduces the amount of cooling effluent emissions compared to the straight-through cooling water system, thereby reducing environmental pollution.

(5)Have significant economic benefits. After using water stabilization technology, the circulating cooling water system is kept in a virtuous circle. Its heat transfer efficiency and cooling effect will be great, at the same time, the consumption of raw materials will be reduced. As a result, we can reduce the production costs and achieve full production operation, its production capacity will be improved and the product quality will be increased, its economic benefits will be outstanding.

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