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The Function and Mechanism of Scale Inhibitor

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The Function of Scale Inhibitor 

1) Inhibition of precipitation : In the presence of scale inhibitors, the ionization values of the cationic and anionic precipitates of the fouling component are much greater than the critical precipitated ion product values without the scale inhibitor.

2) Dispersion : When we use scale inhibitor, the particle size of the precipitated particles is smaller, so it is difficult to agglomerate. Also, it is more difficult to settle than the precipitated particles without the scale inhibitor.

3) Lattice Deformation Effect: In the presence of scale inhibitor system, the precipitation of crystals have different states: spherical, polyhedron, snow-like and other amorphous state. During the growth process of crystal, when the scale inhibitor adsorb at the crystal growth point, the growth rate of its surface will sharp decline. As a result, the crystal shapes will differ from original crystal. Generally, this kind of crystal is called amorphous crystal.

4) Low Limit Effect: It also shows its good effect when the dosage of scale inhibitor is much lower than the fouling component in the water.

The Mechanism of Scale inhibition 

1)Suppressing Precipitation Effect: The scale inhibitor has the function of adsorbing insoluble calcium, magnesium salt and so on. Combined with the cationic on the growing point of the precipitated crystal nucleus, the scale inhibitor can control the growth of crystal in the ion level. Due to Brownian motion, the ion level of the crystal particles will not settle, it can be stably maintained in water.

2) Preventing Adhesion Effect: Depending on the type of the scale inhibitor and the water quality conditions, the crystal will still grow until the crystal reaches a certain size. The precipitated particles have an easily dispersible property in water due to the charge of the adsorbed agent and the effect of hydrated water. Therefore, the particles adsorbed by the medicament are hard to deposit at the residence layer and the growth of the scale is suppressed. At the same time, after adding the scale inhibitor, it can adsorb some suspended solids to prevent its deposition.

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