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Some Important Indicators of Water Treatment Chemicals

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ThFine has been engaged in water treatment chemicals industry for more than 10 years, and through long-time research on these agents, we extract four most important indicators to briefly explain how to pick up the good water treatment chemicals.


Firstly, the acidity: No matter what kind of water treatment agent, its acidity is more critical. Acidic agent is generally used for processing equipment, or the surface of the product, pipeline cleaning, so its acidity index is very important. Buyers should pay attention to its stability and the quality of this kind of chemicals, because it has the direct impact on the cleaning effect and the quality of some small products after cleaning .


Secondly, the water percent: According to the basic principles of pharmacy, certainly the less water percent, the better performance, but because of the production process, it is impossible to reach completely free of moisture.


Thirdly, non-volatile impurities: The quantity of impurities can directly affect the pharmaceutical effect, in industrial circulating water, excessive chemical impurities may cause pollution to the water quality. For chemical which is used as cleaning agents, there will be invisible substances adsorbed on the surface of the small products, if serious, it may directly affect the quality of products, because those small product are soaked in cleaning agents directly, and then drying. So the impurity is an important indicator.


Fourthly, the toxicity: About this, in fact, we are needless to say more, the toxicity will directly cause pollution to the environment, and even affect the health of human body, so toxic or low-toxic chemicals can be also used as an important indicator of qualified chemicals.


The above four points can be said to include the most important indicators of water treatment chemicals, we should take the above points as reference value on production, so as to make this industry more and more healthy.

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