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Reasons for the rise of Water Treatment Market

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-04-17      Origin: Site

Water treatment plays a very important role in the production and life, with or without water treatment and water treatment technology is advanced or not, is one of the important signs of a country's production, living standards and civilized level.

With the pace of national construction continues to accelerate, water treatment services will be widely used in various industries, covering a wide range, Such as oil, electricity, chemical industry, nuclear industry, coal, metallurgy, cement, paper, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, beer, post and telecommunications, civil aviation, railways, banks, hotels, shopping malls, families, towns, etc.. Market potential is huge. Where there is a human survival, it involves water treatment services. Water treatment services is an eternal market.

Water treatment services to take the professional road will become inevitable. At present, the number of buildings in China's various industrial areas, commercial and residential area is more than 10 million. There are millions of heat exchangers, boilers, central air conditioning, cooling towers, tens of thousands of kilometers of pipeline. Most of the traditional operating mode is running with dirt, with rust. Experiments show that the thermal conductivity of the scale is very poor, only the steel 1 / 10-1 / 50, the heat transfer surface if attached 0.2-1 mm scale, will reduce the heat transfer efficiency of 10-40%. The production efficiency is seriously reduced, the energy consumption is greatly increased, and the equipment failure is frequent, which brings great harm to the production, life and health of human survival.

Scaling and then cleaning, which is a post-processing. With the improvement of people's awareness and living environment, a kind of pre treatment (prevention first) is put in front of people, namely: the water system is not scaling, no corrosion, safety, health, economy, environmental protection, continuous operation. Through scientific water treatment, can effectively prevent scale, and through the anti-corrosion, anti-fouling water treatment, to achieve the purpose of energy saving, extend equipment life, long-term operation, safe and efficient. It also provides a reliable guarantee for the creation of a health and healthy water environment.

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