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Oilfield Scale Management

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There are many reasons for scaling in oil field, such as the deposition of impurities in water, the high salinity in water, the scaling out of the carbonate, the pressure, the pH, the temperature and so on. Water injection fouling makes the oil production system clogged and the output is decreasing year by year, which becomes a big problem of stable and continuous development of oil field. The increase of the number of oil wells in the oil production plant directly leads to the increase of the comprehensive water cut, which results in the aggravation of the gathering and transportation system, seriously affects the normal production and operation of the oil field. At the same time, it has increased the high cost of scaling management, so that the cost of oil extraction increased. 

Scaling ion concentration, PH, salt content in water, pressure, temperature and the shape of the pipeline, the flow of water and other conditions will affect the oil field scaling. Control and improve some of these conditions, it may reduce the precipitation of salt scale, reduce the formation of scale. At the same time, it should increase the flow rate of water and increase the smoothness of the inner wall of the pipeline and apply the coating.

At present, the most commonly used method is scale inhibitors. This method is convenient and easy to implement, but it needs reasonable choice when used. At present, the main scale inhibitors are organic phosphonate (lipid), polymer and its derivatives, organic phosphonate and polycarboxylate complex, organic phosphine carboxylic acid. When solid paraffin block with anti-scaling and anti-wax function used, fill it into a self-made anti-scaling work tube, and down into the well. The working cylinder is connected to the upper part of the screen and the lower part of the pump. When there is liquid flow, the anti-scaling agent and anti-wax agent will be dissolved in water and oil, which has the characteristics of slow dissolution and long period of validity. The implementation of this technology, greatly extend the pump cycle and slow down the scale of the oil wells. Experiments show that the oil well into the anti-scaling twenty to thirty pieces, so that the pump cycle from the previous 16-23 days to the present 97-377 days, the effect is very satisfactory.

The problem of scaling has always been an important issue in every oil field. Combined with the reasons of oil field scale, the use of anti-scaling agent and other methods effectively solve the scale problem of most of the oil fields, as well as the resulting large repair costs. At the same time, it also controls the trend of the decline in oil production year after year and the rise of comprehensive water cut due to scale, which has opened up a new way to stabilize the output of old oil fields.

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