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Method for identifying water treatment agent

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Water treatment agent refers to the chemical used in water treatment. Usually it refers to the chemical used in sewage treatment. It is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, light industry, textile, printing and dyeing, construction, metallurgy, machinery, medicine and health, transportation, urban and rural environmental protection and other industries, in order to achieve the goal of saving water and preventing water pollution. It includes cooling water and boiler water treatment, desalination, membrane separation, biological treatment, flocculation and ion exchange technology required for the pharmaceutical. Such as scale corrosion inhibitor and dispersant sterilization algicide, flocculant, ion exchange resin, cleaning agent, cleaning agent pre-film agent.

Water treatment agent in our country is introduced in the 70s after the large chemical fertilizer unit and developed gradually. Since then, there is a series of water treatment agent be developed. At present, the water treatment agent of the main varieties have scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, algae fungicidal, inorganic flocculants, organic flocculant and other major categories.

Reverse osmosis equipment in the identification of water treatment agent is based on the chemical structure of water treatment and physical and chemical properties. Reverse osmosis equipment identification of water disposal reagents is according to the chemical structure and physical and chemical properties of water treatment agent, some physical and chemical properties of its effective component analysis and assay, in order to distinguish the authenticity of water treatment agent and the advantages and disadvantages.

The appearance, color, odor, solubility, clarity, and crystal form of the water treatment agent can reflect the authenticity and quality of the water treatment agent more intuitively. It has the direct help to the discrimination.

The means to identify the water treatment agent are as follows:

   1.Physical constants of assay. Such as the density of liquid agent, viscosity, the melting point of solid chemical and so on.

   2.Spectral or its spectral characteristics of the acquisition. Such as UV absorption spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, for some agents can also test its chromatographic eigenvalues (ratio shift, retention time, etc.)

   3.PH value. Usually 1% aqueous solution based on the PH value.

   4.The main chemical reaction. Such as functional group reaction, ion reaction and so on.

In the identification of water treatment chemicals, don’t depend on one identification test as the only basis for judgments. We must contact the results of its related projects a comprehensive study, comprehensive analysis, in order to make the right and reliable judgments.

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