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Management of Oilfield Water Injection Process

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The management of oilfield water injection process should focus on "man-made", managers should increase the implementation of the system and strengthen the standard staff of the operation. For example, all aspects in the oil field water injection process should have clear management standards, such as the management of the water injection station ought to do the following aspects:

①Water supply station should establish the corresponding records of water collection, water delivery, and water storage. People should carefully fill in the operation of the water supply station records, and ensure that the accuracy of its data is 100%.

② Water supply station should make sure that there are spare pumps to ensure continuous water supply.

③ The pollution discharge of water supply tank should be taken once every five days, and taken water samples to test in the specified location.

④During normal production process, the water supply station is strictly prohibited the phenomenon of leakage, post staff must check the oxygen balloon on the water tank every week, and make a record. In process of the water supply, the amount of water supply must meet the demand of water injection station. So the grassroots units must be fully responsible for their duty and management, strengthen the awareness and testing efforts of water injection system, and do well in the maintenance work of water equipment. Complete all the details of the work perfectly to make sure the improvement of oil field water injection process and guarantee the work of oil field can be conducted well and fast.

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