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Application of Polymer Dispersion Technology In Oilfield Production

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1. Application and present situation of polymer and oil production technology


Polymer flooding is a method to improve oil recovery. On the macro level, it mainly depends on increasing the viscosity of the displacing fluid, reducing the mobility ratio of the displacing fluid and the displacing liquid, thus enlarging the swept volume; on the micro level, because of polymer’s inherent viscoelasticity, it has effects of a tensile membrane or oil droplets in the flow process, increasing the carrying capacity, so improves the micro displacement efficiency. With the rapid development of oil production technology, polymer flooding technology has become an important means to achieve the stable production. At present, the main types of homopolymer in China are these: Polyacrylic acid and its salts, Polymaleic acid and its salts. And there are three national standards for polymer dispersant in our country: Polyacrylic acid and its salts; Polymaleic acid and its salts; Acrylic acrylate copolymer.


2. Three oil recovery technology device of Polymer


Regardless of polymer injection or three compound flooding, the key equipment of injection  are these three part: polymer dispersion device (including automatic control), polymer injection pump and flow measurement.


3. Improvement and promotion of polymer technology


Due to the relatively low level of technology in the linear polymerization of epoxides in China for a long time, it is still a long way to improve the polymerization process with the current level of Technology, and there will be considerable difficulty in further industrialization. Xiong Rongchun, a teacher at the Beijing University of Chemical Technology, has synthesized Polyepoxysuccinic Acid (PESA) in laboratory, and has measured its performance, let us see the dawn of development. PESA has good biodegradability, and the scale inhibition effect is better than HEDP and PAA under the same dose. Some people proposed different ways from foreign technology in the manufacture of epoxy succinic acid: maleic anhydride is used with calcium ion chelating calcium salt in the process of synthesis, in the process of epoxidatione, precipitated in the form of precipitation, thus greatly improving the epoxidation yield and easy purification, has good application prospects.


4. Improvement trends and future development of polymer devices

Now, the dispersion device is generally the use of electric control valve to stabilize the water speed, manual adjustment to the amount of powder (under the powder frequency converter), but electric valve is expensive, and easy to damage. If the powder speed is used to track the water feeding speed, the electric control valve can be removed, which ensures the accuracy of the concentration of the polymer mother liquid, saves the investment, reduces the hidden trouble of the system, and reduces the maintenance probability of the system.


5. Conclusions

The polymer flooding technology plays an important role in maintaining the stable production of the oil field, which is very limited。However, due to a serious shortage of reserves, oil production is declining year by year, especially the measures of well network encryption has been very limited to the recoverable reserves, especially in the high water cut stage, the means of measures We can use has become less and less. In the case of increasing the amount of oil has not been able to compensate for the decline in oil fields, to solve this problem to maintain sustained and stable production of crude oil, It needs all oil production, geology, exploration and development efforts, to open a broad prospect of stable replacement and enhanced oil recovery of old oilfield.


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